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Signature Medical Group Increases Patient Experience Scores 20%, Grows Patient Referrals with Digital Patient Feedback

Signature Medical Group

Signature Medical Group is the largest independent physician-owned multi-specialty group in the St. Louis and Kansas City areas. With more than 150 physicians, 22 specialties/sub-specialties, and over 50 locations, Signature is proud to provide every patient with choices for more affordable, accessible and quality healthcare.

The Challenge
Signature’s marketing department needed to manage the increasing volume of online ratings and reviews about their physicians and practices. However, consistently keeping up with them and responding in a timely manner was challenging. Internally, the operations and quality departments lacked visibility into their patients’ experiences with their physicians and practices.

The Initiative
Signature launched a two-pronged initiative using digital patient feedback and Binary Health Analytics to help manage and improve operations affecting patient experience across their facilities, as well as to better inform patients researching their physicians online.

“As we started the initiative, we realized there was a lot of opportunity to utilize surveys to our advantage, and for cross-functional teams to make a difference. That meant working with a variety of practices and departments, from marketing to operations,” said Digital Marketing Strategist, Melissa Gall.

“We found opportunities to start surveying patients, which we had never done before, and began to discover patient experience issues that had remained hidden,” noted Director of Quality, Don Foster.

Power of Patient Feedback
Insights uncovered from unstructured comments in surveys allowed Signature to pinpoint where improvements were needed. For example, in one case they identified issues with making appointments at one of their practices. They were able to dig deeper and discovered that the issue was the routing of calls in their phone room, which they resolved.

“Being able to pull the data in real time, when surveys or comments come in, has been very effective,” said Don. “Binary Health Analytics has allowed us to engage in conversations as soon as feedback arrives. It has also let us keep track of how we’re performing on a day-to-day basis, all in one platform.”

Signature also created benchmark reports to rank physicians within the practices and shared it with the group. This provided added motivation for doctors as well as staff to make changes for the better and set new performance expectations.

Patient reviews have also been impactful for marketing. They ran email campaigns with quotes from surveys and created videos by recording certain patient success stories.

The feedback also helped them learn more about their physicians and which ones need help with collateral; their patients may not feel like they know enough before or after seeing a doctor.

Since the initiative started, Signature has seen dramatic growth in their overall patient experience scores, rising from 3.4 to 4.1. One of their orthopedic practices even saw scores jump from first quarter averages in the mid-70s to the mid-90s.

Signature has also experienced significant growth in traffic to online ratings sites, and practices are seeing increases in patient referrals and are creating new revenue. The partnership with Binary Fountain has also helped build the Signature brand and increase the popularity of their practices.

With new surveys and branding, they’ve been able to better promote and strengthen the brand’s presence. “Together, patients and physicians clearly see Signature Medical Group as a valuable brand,” according to Melissa.

“All in all, this meant we have a stronger reputation that can elevate our business and create more appointments. I also think it has broken down many barriers between practices and departments,” Melissa said.

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