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Successfully Implementing Healthcare Reputation Management Strategies at the Enterprise Level

TPMG logoTidewater Physicians Multispecialty Group, formerly Tidewater Primary Care Physicians, P.C., was formed in 1992 with four primary care medical groups in Newport News, Hampton, and Yorktown, Virginia. Today, TPMG includes over 220 primary care, specialty physicians, and advanced practice clinicians who provide care to patients throughout southeastern Virginia.

Their mission is to provide superior healthcare that is responsible, physician-directed, and dedicated to keeping their patient’s best interests foremost.

TPMG’s team of expert physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, medical assistants, diagnostic staff, and non-clinical staff all work together to provide consistent, compassionate, high-quality medical care. They pride themselves on being patient-friendly and dedicated to helping patients maintain optimal health.


The managers and marketing staff at TPMG faced several critical challenges throughout the online reputation management initiative: 

Challenge #1: Managing Online Communications at Scale

TPMG’s biggest challenge was finding an online reputation management tool that allowed the company to monitor and respond to all patients in one place. TPMG operates over 75 offices with 220 healthcare providers throughout southeastern Virginia, so having one tool to manage its reputation management was crucial to responding to every patient need online. 

TPMG also recognized the value in analyzing the data aggregated in digital surveys and reviews, as well as the ability to benchmark statistics to demonstrate growth and evaluate against competitor performance. 

However, the sheer number of online review sites makes it virtually impossible to effectively harness and analyze all available intelligence as well as consistently respond to all user input, both positive and negative. To systematically manage patient feedback, proactively react to market trends and boost its brand reputation, TPMG needed a single, centralized data capture and analysis solution.

Challenge #2: Lacked Engagement from Patients and Greater Community

TPMG recognized that, despite receiving recognition regionally for their facilities and care, the communities they were located in were often being overlooked for competitors. The staff concluded that its online presence and local SEO strategy needed to be overhauled to increase community engagement and address local concerns.



Solution #1: SEO Optimizations Helped Put TPMG in the Public Sphere

Using Binary Fountain listings solutions, TPMG was able to optimize nearly 100 Google My Business pages for physicians’ offices within the network. Previously, many of the same offices in the network were competing with each other over local SEO space. But by claiming properties and carefully narrowing down search results, these listings were no longer overlapping with each other and citation accuracy improved from 57 percent to 99.4 percent.

By implementing Star Ratings from Binary Fountain, physicians were able to pinpoint areas of improvement to focus on and were able to climb online rankings much faster than previously before.

Solution #2: Improving Patient Experience with Reviews

TPMG’s increased focus on generating more patient reviews at all locations and built their internal organization based on the results from these changes. 

Now, doctors were held accountable for negative comments and given feedback on how to improve patient care, and there was an increased focus within the hiring process of finding candidates that matched well with what patients expect from their medical practice. 

Additionally, benefits and bonuses for current employees were tied to new performance metrics and patient satisfaction, encouraging everyone to do their best and provide quality service at every level of care.

Solution #3: Binary Fountain’s Health Analytics was used to benchmark results

With the implementation of these new initiatives, TPMG needed a way to track progress and measure success to ensure they were making the most of their investment. 

Binary Health Analytics allowed managers to track results in automated reports on a monthly basis, giving them insight into direct patient feedback and a glimpse at how they stacked up compared to the care provided by competitors. 

The reports were what gave staff motivation to improve because they could track measurable data to see how the changes were making a difference in the quality of care they provided. 


By implementing a complete reputation management and listings solution, TPMG was able to improve patient experience and engagement metrics across the board:


TPMG took over all Google My Business pages associated with their offices and physicians, allowing them complete control to update information and improve SEO rankings for all pages. As a result, total web impressions rose by 34.5 percent and total web actions rose 79.5% (including clicks for the main website, directions and contact information). This meant that not only were they getting more attention online, but their audience was more engaged and interested in finding out more about their healthcare providers.


The managers at TPMG took Star Ratings to heart and implemented reviews and patient feedback at every level of the organization. As a result, the overall Patient Feedback Score (PFS) increased 15.38 percent, Star Rating Scores increased by 11.9 percent, and the total number of reviews grew to 167 percent.

The new reports were based on measurable analytics from patient feedback, not abstract suggestions from colleagues, which made it easier for physicians to see how much of an impact performance was having on their business and what they could do to improve the quality of their care.  

Giving the data to physicians helped establish a benchmark for success within the organization and helped in establishing goals and guidelines for all staff to meet.

Marketing Campaigns

In addition to the benefits to the healthcare providers, the marketing team took insights from reviews and patient analytics to create new campaigns for targeted audience demographics.

The marketing team could determine from the results of patient feedback that certain demographics responded to different messages in regards to healthcare than others. For example, older patients who need particular specialists weren’t engaging with TPMG for the kinds of care they needed. 

The TPMG team crafted new marketing campaigns for these target demographics to demonstrate that their needs could be served at their facilities. The campaigns were successful in bringing in more patients, and specialists reported greater engagement with these groups.

“[TPMG] has much more insight into even the smallest details–it’s really changing everything we do” 

Paula Lumsden, Marketing Director at TPMG


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