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Tips for 2021: 3 Key Opportunities for Healthcare Brand Management

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Duration: 22 minutes

The pandemic has bent and reshaped the patient journey this year, leaving healthcare marketers with questions about key opportunities for 2021.

How robust will your organization’s brand be next year? What changed? And how will you measure your evolving online reputation?

In this webinar, Jarrard Inc.’s Reed Smith joins Binary Fountain’s Chase Ausley to answer those questions and demystify healthcare brand management heading into 2021.

With data from healthcare systems and consumers as a guide, they will discuss lessons learned from COVID-19, which marketing KPIs to watch next year, and quick tips for capitalizing on reputation management initiatives.

In just 22 minutes, you will learn how three crucial touchpoints of the patient journey are changing and how your brand can respond heading into the new year.

This webinar will cover:

  • Key lessons on branding and reputation management from COVID-19.
  • KPIs that will impact your healthcare brand the most in 2021.
  • Ways to monitor and measure your online presence.
  • Opportunities to address trends in patient reviews and employee reviews.


  • Reed Smith, Vice President of Digital Strategy, Jarrard Phillips Cate & Hancock
  • Chase Ausley, Vice President of Healthcare Product, Binary Fountain
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