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Tips for 2021: Social Media’s Biggest Opportunities

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webinar-tips-2021-social-mediaOn-demand Webinar
Duration: 15 minutes

Your healthcare organization’s social media presence has never meant more to your bottom line: Consumers are using social media to find physicians 300% more than they did in 2017. Where are the best opportunities to invest in social and capture this growing online audience?

In this webinar, Intrepy Healthcare Marketing co-founder Kelley Knott joins Binary Fountain to discuss the greatest opportunities for healthcare marketers to leverage social media, engage local consumers, and drive new patient revenue.

This session goes far beyond monitoring Facebook recommendations, LinkedIn shares and retweets. Learn about strategic frameworks and platform-specific tools that will propel your healthcare brand to the top ranks of the social media ecosystem, from messaging to reviews to video.

In this webinar, you will discover:

  • Trends and opportunities in social media impacting healthcare marketers
  • How to monitor and influence the online conversation around your brand
  • Which platforms offer the best value for healthcare marketing budget
  • How to involve physicians in your brand’s social media activities
  • Where to find the biggest ROI on social media messaging and spending


  • Kelley Knott – Co-founder, Intrepy Healthcare Marketing
  • Hannah Borchik – Customer Success Manager, Binary Fountain
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