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Uncovering Nuances in Healthcare Data Analytics to Improve the Patient Experience

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Patients today have more choices and information available when selecting the best provider for their care than ever before. Because of this, they have come to expect a greater level of interaction and transparency when making important purchasing decisions online.

With the rise of online review sites and health care related searches on the web, it is vital for organizations to build up their online reputation by consulting patient’s feedback to guide improvements to their experience.

In this webinar, we’ll look at how OSF Health Care partnered with Binary Fountain to unify their patient feedback and response process by responding to feedback publicly and providing patients with a superior health care experience through open access to data and community reviews.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Improve patient satisfaction by making your organization transparent and responsive to feedback.
  • Uncover missing opportunities to generate reviews and manage reputation in a range of online marketplaces.
  • Use data-driven insights from patient reviews and develop actionable strategies based on these reports.
Jeremy Lowry

Michael Vujovich
Director of Digital Marketing
OSF Healthcare

Jeremy Lowry
Product Manager
Binary Fountain

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