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UnityPoint Health Achieves 50% Increase in Consumer Engagement with Transparency

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Nearly 75% of Online Appointment Requests for Providers with Reviews

One of the nation’s most integrated healthcare systems, UnityPoint Health, provides care across an extensive network of locations throughout Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin in nine large geographic regions that work together to access the resources of the UnityPoint Health network while providing compassionate care to the local community.

The Challenge

UnityPoint’s primary challenge was their patient experience scores—which had reached a plateau. Meanwhile, providers and staff lacked accountability. Also, while consumers fully relied on online reviews to make decisions, the organization’s online reputation was controlled by third-party review sites rather than by the providers themselves. UnityPoint needed to find a solution that would allow providers to take the lead in patient experience as well as improve the consumer experience to grow patient acquisition and loyalty.

Fortunately, the executives at UnityPoint Health understood the value of finding innovative ways to improve the organization’s patient experience. The marketing team energized their most recent approach by tying a transparency initiative to the organization’s overall business strategy and marketing objectives.

The Initiative

Driving the initiative, UnityPoint Health’s Regional Marketing Director, Kasey Duffy, and Marketing Manager, Blake Long, clearly saw transparency as a way for providers to take a leadership role in the organization and shape a positive patient experience. For this initiative, Duffy and Long also wanted to focus on the consumer experience.

“We knew we wanted to make choosing a provider as easy as possible for healthcare consumers, and we wanted to give them a clear picture of their options by presenting them with detailed feedback from previous patients,” said Duffy. “That’s where Binary Fountain came in.”

Before implementing Binary Fountain’s Binary Star Ratings platform however, the marketing team identified an executive and provider to champion the initiative as well as to help secure provider buy-in and prepare providers for the new operational processes. They then defined measurable objectives and tied in business strategy.

Empowering Consumer and Patient Experience with Transparency

Consumers today value credible, honest online reviews that provide the “entire picture” of a provider. Due to this, UnityPoint used their transparency initiative to capture consumer trust and improve patient acquisition. The healthcare organization sought Binary Fountain to help them do this as well as increase SEO and online presence by publishing a high volume of verified patient reviews from their Press Ganey patient survey data to their provider profile pages.


Continuing over a year now, the initiative has brought about dramatic success for UnityPoint Health. The marketing team surpassed their objectives, from seeing significant improvements in their CAHPS score on provider communications to influencing consumer engagement and enhancing the organization’s brand image.

“We believe we’ve helped empower healthcare consumers to seek out the best provider for their needs and empowered providers to improve the patient experience,” said Long. “Prospective patients are now spending 50% more time on our provider profile pages, and providers with reviews are receiving nearly 75% of all online appointment requests.”

UnityPoint Health is now leading the way in patient experience. Since the beginning of the initiative through to the end of 2016, the organization saw their provider communications scores increase from 92.1% to 95.2%.

Additionally, the initiative is helping them reach their goal of being the easiest health system to access. And with Binary Star Ratings, they can now effectively manage reviewing and publishing star ratings and comments.

“We needed a platform and company aligned with our goals of improving healthcare consumer and patient experience,” Long added. “Binary Fountain’s focus on healthcare, Press Ganey partnership and deep experience with transparency and reputation management made them a logical choice.”

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