Use Patient Feedback to Improve the Patient Experience | Binary Foutain

Improving Provider Reputation in Academic Medicine with Online Strategies



On-Demand Webinar
Duration: 60 minutes

Healthcare organizations recognize that they not only have to improve patient outcomes, but also improve the overall patient experience to outperform other local healthcare facilities with sustainable results.

The patients as consumers model has driven online care surveys and assessments to the forefront as organizations strive to better understand the patients they serve, beyond individual health profiles and treatment charts.

In this webinar, Temple University Health System will share how the patient experience department and marketing department worked together to analyze survey and digital patient feedback to improve the patient experience and increase patient acquisition.

You will learn how to:

  • Go beyond HCAHPS to gain deeper insight about patient experience
  • Gain physician buy-in across multiple facilities
  • Eliminate organizational silos between the marketing and patient experience departments
  • Measure the success of a reputation management and transparency program

  • Dwight McBee, Chief Experience Officer, Temple University Health System
  • Chelsea Murtin, Patient Experience Analytics Consultant, Temple University Health System

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