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How VITAS Healthcare Responds to 100% of Online Reviews

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Duration: 60 minutes

How do you get started with managing your organization’s reputation online when you only have a few reviews—if any at all?

In this webinar, we’ll breakdown how a leading hospice care organization went from struggling online to generating 20% more reviews year over year, and how their initiatives to build up their online reputation subsequently increased patient engagement.

Learn how VITAS Hospice:

  • Optimizes listings on Google and benchmark analytics across multiple locations.
  • Generates more online reviews by experimenting with new patient engagement strategies.
  • Uses star ratings to spark growth and change within the organization.


  • Jeffrey Stewart, Assistant Vice President of Digital Communications, VITAS Hospice
  • Russell Pressler, Marketing Analyst, VITAS Hospice
  • Nitin Potarazu, Senior Director Strategy and Corporate Development, Binary Fountain

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