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Your Comprehensive Guide to a Winning Listings Management Strategy

A patient’s journey to a healthcare provider’s doorstep begins long before an appointment is scheduled. This e-book will cover the who, what, when, where, and why of listings management, based on years of experience in the healthcare industry.

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Transparency in Healthcare: Using Online Ratings to Earn Patient Trust

Healthcare consumers are turning first to the internet when seeking a doctor, making provider transparency a must-have. Our new guide details ways to ensure your healthcare organization’s transparency strategy is a success.

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Attract Online Reviews

A Complete Guide to Attracting Online Reviews for Your Multi-Location Business

What should your organization do to generate a high volume of high-quality reviews? Check out our three-step guide on generating and monitoring online reviews at scale.

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Prevent PR Crises

Determing Potential PR Crises Before They Happen: Why Review Monitoring is Crucial for Your Business

What should your brand do to identify potential PR crises before they happen and respond to them when they do? Check out our guide for detailed data and expert tips invaluable for your organization’s success.

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6-Phase Approach to Online Reviews and Reputation Management

6-Phase Approach to Online Reviews and Reputation Management

When it comes to online brand reputation management, healthcare marketers have a lot on their plate. To help you refine your online reputation management (ORM) strategy, we have detailed a six-phase approach to reviews and reputation management.

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Google My Reputation – A Complete Guide to Building Your Company’s Reputation on Google

Getting started with Google My Business is easy, but getting the most out of this platform requires deeper knowledge. Our guide is full of instructions, tips and insights to help you build and maintain your company’s reputation on Google.

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2019 Healthcare Consumer Insight & Digital Engagement Survey

Which digital platforms are rising in prominence? What type of information matters most to potential patients when researching physician information? Which customer engagement strategies are most effective in this changing space? Read our ebook to learn more!

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What Do Renters Look for When Searching for a New Apartment?

In our first annual Renter Insight & Digital Engagement Survey, we asked more than 1,100 current and prospective renters to give us their perspectives on factors that influence their decision to rent an apartment, including online reviews and listings, referrals, pain points and must-haves for a new property.

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Social Media Management Strategy

Complete Guide to Social Listening and Publishing for Enterprise Brands

In this e-book, you will see the data behind how social media influences purchasing decisions. You will also discover the value of using social media listening for your brand and learn the best social publishing practices and tools. Discover how you can leverage all these insights to improve your business strategy starting today!

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Online Reputation Management Vendor Buying Guide

Online Reputation Management Vendor Buying Guide

With the right vendor, you can engage with reviewers, track ratings, keep your finger on the pulse of social platforms, and ultimately, improve customer acquisition and retention.

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How Online Reviews Effect SEO

How Reviews Can Help or Hurt Your Search Engine Rankings

This e-book provides best practices for generating and managing online reviews where a strong SEO ranking is the end goal.

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The Complete Guide to Managing a Mental Health Clinic's Online Reputation

The Complete Guide to Managing a Mental Health Clinic’s Online Reputation

This e-book provides mental health clinics with everything they need to know about managing their online reputation including what platforms you need to know about and how to use surveys to improve patient care.

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Employer Brand ebook

Building an Employer Brand Through Online Reviews & Job Listings

This e-book discusses some of the most popular job listing sites in terms of how to position your company in order to recruit the type of employee you want.

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Resident Retention E-book

The Comprehensive Guide to Improving Retention and Resident Satisfaction

This e-book will explain how to harness the potential of online reviews and platforms in order to improve retention and resident satisfaction.

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Healthcare Online Consumer Survey Ebook

Growing Influence of the Online Healthcare Consumer

In our second annual Healthcare Consumer Insight & Digital Engagement survey, we get an updated view into how patients search, evaluate – and share – their experiences with their healthcare providers.

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Comprehensive Guide Managing Your Reviews Multifamily

Comprehensive Guide to Managing Your Review Platforms – Multifamily

Learn how to how to properly and efficiently manage reviews from third-party review platforms, as well as how to claim your listings and improve the marketability of your properties.

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Healthcare Marketers Guide Managing Online Review Platforms

Healthcare Marketer’s Guide to Managing Online Review Platforms

Unless you know the ins and outs of a multitude of ratings and review sites – each with their own caveats – you can inadvertently damage your online reputation management efforts. This ebook provides the practical guidance you need to take control of your online presence on these sites.

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7 Essential Habits of Successful Online Reputation Management

7 Essential Habits of a Successful Online Reputation Management Program

We’ve distilled our years of experience working with leading healthcare organizations into what habits makes up a great online reputation management program.

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Cover Binary Fountain Building-Healthier Online Reputation

Building a Healthier Online Reputation

Need guidance on managing online reputation? Your practice may have received reviews and you’re either concerned or thrilled. Our free e-book provides guidance on how you can build a healthy online reputation and a better patient experience.

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The Complete Guide to Online Reputation Management

The Power of Online Ratings and Reviews

Healthcare organizations don’t have control of third-party ratings and reviews, but a growing number are now taking their Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) survey data and publishing those positive and negative reviews on their physician’s profile page.

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The Complete Guide to Online Reputation Management

If you are not carefully managing your online profile, you may be losing renters to the competition who is. This brief ebook will show you everything you need to know to attract renters online.

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