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Webinar Series: Tips for 2021



Where are the biggest opportunities for social media in 2021? How should I plan my content strategy for flu season? Which Google updates should I watch for? What should my ad budget look like?

Binary Fountain is answering these questions and more in a four-part webinar series, “Tips for 2021.” For the rest of the year, we’re hosting healthcare industry thought leaders to give their best advice about digital marketing, listings management, review monitoring, content creation, and patient experience.

We know you’re busy. That’s why each webinar in the Tips for 2021 series is just 15 minutes long – so you can tune in after lunch, learn a lot, and get on with your day. Plus, we’ll send on-demand recordings to each registrant following the webinars. So, if you can’t make it for the live session, please register anyway and keep an eye on your inbox.

Register below for upcoming and on-demand webinars from our Tips for 2021 webinar series:


Tips for 2021 Webinars


Thursday, Nov. 5 – Now On Demand

webinar-tips-2021-social-media-bannerTips for 2021: Social Media’s Biggest Opportunities

Your healthcare organization’s social media presence has never meant more to your bottom line. Intrepy Healthcare Marketing co-founder Kelley Knott joins Binary Fountain to discuss the greatest opportunities for healthcare marketers to leverage social media, engage local consumers, and drive new patient revenue.

Learn about strategic frameworks and platform-specific tools that will propel your healthcare brand to the top ranks of the social media ecosystem, from messaging to reviews to video.


Tuesday, Nov. 10 – Now On Demand

webinar-tips-2021-content-ahavaTips for 2021: 5 Content Creation Tips for COVID-19 and Flu Season

No matter what the symptom, your audience is going to crave reassuring, empathetic content. Aha Media Group President Ahava Leibtag joins Binary Fountain to offer content ideas and strategies for healthcare communicators that will gain consumer trust this season.

Learn about content trends, SEO strategies, and expert tips that you can immediately use to improve your online brand, engage patients, and schedule appointments.


Thursday, Dec. 10 – Now On Demand

tips-2021-google-listingsTips for 2021: Listings & Local Search with Ben Fisher

Your presence on Google could make or break your brand for years to come, as consumers gravitate toward local search to make buying decisions. Ben Fisher, a Google My Business Platinum Product Expert, lays out specific ways you can optimize your business listings and put them in the best position for local search in 2021.

He will discuss how to create content-rich listings that outrank your competition and convert customers from search.


Thursday, Dec. 17 – Now On Demand

webinar-tips-2021-healthcare-brand-managementTips for 2021: 3 Key Opportunities for Healthcare Brand Management

The pandemic has bent and reshaped the patient journey this year, leaving healthcare marketers with questions about key opportunities for 2021. Jarrard Inc.’s Reed Smith joins Binary Fountain to answer those questions and demystify healthcare brand management heading into 2021.

With data from healthcare systems and consumers as a guide, they will discuss lessons learned from COVID-19, which marketing KPIs to watch next year, and quick tips for capitalizing on reputation management initiatives.


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